Graduate Network Access

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this message as you have been identified as a 2019 Graduate who is not currently registered for additional Acadia courses. If you believe you are registered, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

There are important network changes occurring with your Acadia network access as you transition to Alumni status.

As of August 19, you will retain and lose access to various resources.

Continue access to the following:
1. Lifetime access to your Acadia e-mail address.
2. Acadia password. If you have forgotten your password, please visit and select Forgot Password.
3. Access to Office 365 Resources.  In the future, you will receive a detailed email with regards to your Office 365 Alumni resources.

Discontinue access to the following:
1. VPN
2. Network Printers
3. Wired & Wireless Network
4. Library Card & Proxy Service

Acadia Technology Services
902-585-HELP (4357) 

Don't Get Hooked (Phishing that is!)

Verify the authenticity of any Service Alerts from Acadia Technology Services by checking the IT-Security News feed at

If your message is not listed there, do not respond to it before verifying with ATS staff that it is a legitimate email.

Please make sure that you are visiting the official ATS news feed page by hovering over the link and confirming that the site starts with Forgery website made to look like our site will not have . Forgery website made to look like our site will not have at the start of the link.