Notice: Secure Print Release Functionality

Technology Services would like to highlight the additional PaperCut features that are now available.

What is Secure Print Release?

PaperCut's Secure Print Release places your print job in a holding state, until it’s released at the Multi-Functional Printer (MFP). This enhances the security and confidentiality of print jobs and reduces waste in terms of paper and toner. The document will remain in the queue for eight (8) hours before it is deleted automatically.  

A feature of Secure Print Release is that you can go to any Konica Minolta MFP on campus and release your job. This is called Find-Me Printing.

Activate Secure Print Release.

Install a campus wide “Secure-Print” printer. A HUB article on Secure Print Release provides information on the installation and usage of this function.

Using Secure Print Release:

Select the “Secure-Print” printer instead of your regular departmental printer. This will place your print job in a hold pattern until you release it:

  • From the printer, select the document for release, or
  • From within PaperCut, go to “Jobs Pending Release” and select the document you wish to release or cancel.


Using the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) .

Use of the photocopier or scanner requires an ID “tap card” or login with your Acadia username and password. This replaces existing user codes.

Shared Accounts.  A pop-up or selection list indicates that you must select an account to continue. No pop-up or selection list indicates that you have only one account and no further action is necessary.

To modify your shared account, please place a Service Request.

Viewing History. Each individual user can see their own usage by accessing the PaperCut interface.

Why Papercut? PaperCut is a multi-platform software solution that enables the campus to manage, account and recover print/copy/scan output via user login or card ID. From a user’s perspective, PaperCut provides enhanced flexibility and security.  Users can charge work to the proper accounts rather than only the departmental budget. From the perspective of Financial Services and departmental administrators, the increased flexibility supports detailed accounting and minimizes the current manual, labour intensive monthly process.

More Information. Please see the Printing and Scanning Category within the HUB.

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