Office 365 for Students

This is a follow up to an earlier email concerning Acadia University’s plan to switch Acadia’s email platform to the Office 365 environment. This change will impact all students and how you access your Acadia email.

Students will be migrated to the Office 365 environment in groups starting in late February/early March.  A reminder email for each group, will be sent out in advance of the migration.

Because this change will impact how you access your Acadia email, we encourage you to read these instructions.  These instructions apply to you, after your email account has been migrated to the Office 365 environment:

  • Access via the Web:
    If you use Acadia’s service, you will switch to

  • Email forwarded to third party service:
    If you forward Acadia’s email to a third party email service such as Gmail or Hotmail, you will not need to do anything. After the migration your Acadia email will continue to be forwarded.

  • Read Acadia email using alternate client:
    If you read Acadia email using an alternate email client - such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. - you will need to make configuration changes with that email client. Go to the following Knowledge Base article on configuring email clients for Office 365.

  • Read Acadia email on a mobile device:
    If you read email on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for additional information.

Please note: 
Calendars, Contacts and Tasks items will not be automatically migrated to Office 365.  You will need to migrate these manually. For more information, refer to the following Knowledge Base article.

If you need support:
Acadia Technology Services
902-585-HELP (4357)

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