Notice: Cybersecurity Additional Training

Action Required:
You are receiving this email as you recently clicked on a link or entered your credentials (username and password) in a Technology Services simulated phishing campaign.  As a result, you have been automatically enrolled in an additional training campaign.  The campaign has one training module entitled 2019 Social Engineering Red Flags.  You will receive email reminders until you have completed the assigned training modules.

Access to KnowBe4 training portal:

What to expect:

  • Training campaign emails. You will receive regular reminder emails until you have completed all the items in the training campaigns in which you are enrolled.
  • Scam of the Week emails. This weekly email will keep you informed of the newest phishing and social engineering scams.  
  • Monthly Security Hints & Tips emails. This monthly email will reinforce basic security hints, tips, and tricks. 
  • Phishing. Technology Services will send simulated phishing emails, increasing in difficulty. These provide a measure of our vulnerabilities and areas on which to focus our training.

Report Concerns:

Technology Services is working to strengthen our security landscape. But it cannot be done without your help. Thank you for your cooperation.

Acadia Technology Services
902-585-HELP (4357) 

Don't Get Hooked (Phishing that is!)

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If your message is not listed there, do not respond to it before verifying with ATS staff that it is a legitimate email.

Please make sure that you are visiting the official ATS news feed page by hovering over the link and confirming that the site starts with Forgery website made to look like our site will not have at the start of the link.