Password Expiry Notice(s)

Acadia Technology Services is working to increase the security of all university computer systems. One way to do that is to ensure that login passwords are changed regularly. By changing your password every 90 days you will limit the opportunity for a hacker to access your account. Reminder messages will be sent to you when it gets close to the time for you to change your password.

The password for your Acadia network account (username) expires in (21,14,7,4,3,2,1) days on 20XX-MM-DD HH:MM AM/PM.

To reset your password please visit the Acadia Central Password Portal. Please click or copy the address and follow the instructions.

Help is available online at the Technology Services website, by telephone and by walking in to the Service Desk in BAC.

Acadia Technology Services
902-585-HELP (4357)

Don't Get Hooked (Phishing that is!)
Verify the authenticity of any Service Alerts from Acadia Technology Services by checking the IT-Security News feed at If your message is not listed there, do not respond to it before verifying with ATS staff that it is a legitimate email.

Please make sure that you are visiting the official ATS news feed page by hovering over the link and confirming that the site starts with A forged website made to look like our site will not have at the start of the link.