Project Summary

The Project

Technology Services, with the support of Financial Services, is upgrading the campus printing software and hardware (Multi-Function Printer) environment. The existing Ricoh MFP fleet will be replaced and new software introduced which allows the university business units to manage costs and resources through improved processes and automated billing. The project takes place over several phases and several months.


  1. Replace Ricoh printers with Konica Minolta printers (completed by March 31, 2017)
  2. Implement Papercut software amongst faculty staff (completed by June 30, 2017)
    1. Provide training on the software
  3. Implement Papercut software amongst students (completed by August 30, 2017)


Benefits of New Machines
The lease on our current contract has come to an end and Konica Minolta is the new service provider for all universities and colleges in Nova Scotia. Our current printers are at the end of their lifespan and require upgrading.

The project is also a Green initiative: newer MFPs use less energy. Every Konica Minolta MFP since 1995 has qualified for the ENERGY STAR label, which means each device is more efficient.

Benefits of PaperCut Software
The project will provide better service and reduced workloads through automation. There will be greater confidentiality, better reporting, and automated tracking. These features will help reduce a managed print environment and will ensure we have the right devices in the right locations to meet our Faculty, Staff and Student needs.

Remote administration of the machines allows for analysis of use of the machines -- is one location busier than another? Do we need to place additional machines in a location? If one MFP is not functioning, the user can move to any other MFP to release a printing job.
Support and Services

Selected Technology Services staff will receive MFP administrator training and Konica Minolta staff will be on campus to provide users with an overview of the new devices and demonstrate the most widely used functions. Once the new MFPs are in place in each department, a Technology Service representative will be available to work with individuals and departments to support their use of the new technology.

A member of the Project Team will coordinate with each department for the installation of the new Multifunction Printers. Software functionality will be rolled out after all the machines are in place.