Security Advisory: Phishing Attempt on Campus

There are reports of a phishing email sent to members of the campus community. This particular phishing scam is using Acadia-FYI posts.

The emails are replies to users who have recently posted to Acadia-FYI.  The original message is included with the addition of a request to click a link/open a document.

From: an external sender
Subject: Re: the subject line of the original email
Message: A variation of please inspect your docs in one file available at the link below. The file/URL may also be a zip file.
Footer: An added “virus free, AVAST”


  1. If you have responded to the request by replying to the email or clicking on the link, please
    1. Reset your Acadia password, and
    2. Report it directly to TS ( or call the Service Desk at 902-585-4357.
  2. If you see a similar message in your email quarantine, please do not release it.

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