Security Advisory: Phishing Attempt on Campus

There are reports of a phishing email that has been sent to members of the campus community.   

The email appears to have come from a staff email, with the Subject Line: ACADIA UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER!!!!!

The Message indicates:

With reference to our present online transition program due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, ACADIA UNIVERSITY has been urged to transit from Office365 to Outlook web access (OWA) by this month of May to enable a strong database management and proper email distribution. In this light, you are advised to click on the link below and follow the instructions as directed.

Failure to follow the above enlisted instructions as given in the link will lead to a suspension and further deactivation of your Mailbox portal.



  1. If you have responded to the request by replying to the email or clicking on the link, please
    1. Reset your Acadia password, and
    2. Report it directly to TS ( or call the Service Desk at 902-585-4357.

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