Security Advisory: Phishing Attempt on Campus

There are reports of a phishing email that has been sent to members of the campus community.

The email appears to have come from “”, with the Subject Line: Virus Detected

It does contain the yellow CAUTION external message banner.  

The Message indicates:

Your email (email)  is infected with virus.
To keep your account safe, Click Here and run a Quick Email Scan now

If you ignore this warning, we will shutdown your account without further notice,
and all data will be permanently lost.

We regret the inconvenience, but this exercise is aimed at helping us protect your account.   


  1. If you have responded to the request by replying to the email or clicking on the link, please
    1. Reset your Acadia password, and
    2. Report it directly to TS ( or call the Service Desk at 902-585-4357.

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