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Microsoft Self Service Password Reset
Acadia Central Password Reset

Monday June 14, 2021 (7:00 am AT)  

On Monday June 14, 7:00 am, Microsoft’s Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will be enabled for all Acadia users.  This replaces the password services previously found in Acadia Central.  After June 14, if you change your password in Acadia Central, it will not be reflected in other systems.

If you have not already provided at least two security methods (i.e. Authenticator app, phone, text), you will be prompted to supply these in order to continue.  Once SSPR is enabled, you may also add an alternate (non-Acadia) email to your security methods.  Please continue to login with your existing username (email address) and password. At this time, you do not need to change your password.  

For further information on Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), please see the SSPR HUB Guides and Common Questions.

First Login

  • Not pre-registered. The first time you access your account, you will be prompted to register.  You will be asked to provide at least two security methods (Authenticator app, email, text, phone).  If you would like to pre-register: on a browser, go to: For help: SSPR Set Up Guide or SSPR Set Up Video.
  • Registered with only 1 verification method. You will be asked to provide an additional verification method. At this time, you can add an alternate (non-Acadia) email address.
  • SSPR Registered or Enrolled in MFA. There is no additional action required.  At this point, however, you can add an alternate (non-Acadia) email as a verification method.

Password Change

  • Between June 14-July 16:

(i) change password in both SSPR and Acadia Central, or

(ii) change password in SSPR and have different passwords.

  • After July 16. Your password is changed only in SSPR: Central is no longer available.

SSPR Password Change Instructions:

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