Service Notice: Mobility Print

Technology Services is pleased to announce the launch of Mobility Print.

What is Mobility Print?

With Mobility Print, you can print from anywhere on campus, using the device of your choosing (e.g., laptop, phone, tablet), and tap to release and collect at any Konica Minolta printer on campus.  

Mobility Print uses the features of “secure-print” and “follow me printing”. You do not need to know the name of specific department printer, instead select “secure-print”. It will be held until you collect it.

Installation Instructions:

  • Look for the Mobility Print poster and QR code found on all Konica Minolta campus printers (or go directly to: and follow the device specific instructions. Repeat for all devices.
  • For set up, you must be on-campus, connected to the Acadia WiFi network, and using the specific mobility print
  • Please note: If you require special features such as hole-punch, stapling, collating, use device specific print options rather than Mobility Print.  Further information regarding printing installation for enhanced printer features: How to install default printer.

More Info:

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