Service Notice: Technology Services Support Temporary Work from Home

As of Friday March 20, 2020, Technology Services will not be open for drop-in help. Detailed information and technology support related to the new Temporary Work from Home Guidelines are accessible on the HUB listed as Work from Home.

Technology Services would like to draw your attention to:

1. Technology Loan Form. Complete the Technology Loan Form for each employee and also supply the information to Deans/Directors. Each manager is responsible for the collection of information regarding the removal of computer equipment from campus.

2. Service Desk Support. For the fastest support, please enter a ticket in HUB Service Portal at If you have issues with Hub access, you may also send an email to If you require assistance with a computer or device, an appointment will be necessary. This can be organized via the HUB Service Portal. For the duration of the Temporary Work from Home period, the Service Desk Hours will be from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

3. Voice Mail. Set your Voice Mail to indicate that you are out of office, using the following greeting: "You have reached [name]. I am currently working away from my office as Acadia University does its part to limit the spread of COVID-19. I have limited access to my voicemail, so please send me an email at [email]. Thank you and take care." Access to the voice mail system is available by calling 902-585-8500.

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