Changes to Wireless Network Choices on Campus

SERVICE AFFECTED:               Acadia’s Open Wireless Network
Acadia Technology Services has removed the  "Acadia Open - Web Only" wireless network and replaced it with  "Acadia Guest."  The purpose of this network is to provide temporary web access to visitors of the Campus.  The “Acadia Guest” wireless network requires an email address to login and will provide two hours of use. Patrons and guests are able to login multiple times to continue their access.
We highly recommend faculty, staff and students use "Acadia"  as their wireless network, as it provides proper security as well as access to resources such as email and ACORN.
If visitors require more access than “Acadia Guest” provides, they need to obtain a guest account that will give them access to our secure wireless network.
To request a guest account please visit:
Please contact the Service Desk if you have any questions, concerns, or issues that occur from this change.

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