Launch of SharePoint Services

Technology Services is pleased to announce the launch of its online SharePoint Service. This cross-Atlantic Higher-Education Institute initiative has been on-going for several months. We engaged project champions to help us create, preview and roll-out Acadia departmental SharePoint sites. 

What’s Next 
Technology Services Consulting is accepting requests to help design Department sites and teach members how to use it. To see the full suite of SharePoint Services, please see the HUB’s Service Catalogue. 

Why SharePoint 
SharePoint takes advantage of the features of Office 365 – providing online access to your documents from anywhere and any device. It provides your team with secure access when and where it’s needed. 

SharePoint Highlights 
1. Versioning. Keeps versions of documents and allows you to revert to a prior version. 
2. Security. Offers a higher level of security: documents are encrypted during communications and on the server; users only see sites and documents to which they have access; and, file sharing removes the need to send sensitive files through email. 
3. Accessibility. Encrypted communication means that SharePoint can be accessed from anywhere, using any device. No more VPN to access files.
4. Recycle Bin. Deleted files and folders are kept in a recycle bin that are restored easily. 
5. External Access. Collaborate with external users, on projects and committees, without requiring guest network access.  
6. Collaboration. Multiple people can edit the same document, at the same time. 
7. Search functionality. Search and find documents without relying of the file creator's use of meaningful names.   
8. Document Management. A familiar and curated document library. 
9. Office 365. Integration with the Microsoft Office Suite, without having to go to an external unsupported product (such as DropBox). 

There is a library of HUB articles regarding SharePoint and its use. Why SharePoint provides a small introduction. 

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