Thinking about Laptops

Whether you’re studying on-campus or online through remote learning, your computer will be crucial. Now that some of your classes may involve online video, it’s more important than ever to have a fast, reliable computer.

You should have a Windows or Apple laptop, purchased within the last 2 years, that meets our minimum system requirements:

  • Intel i5 processor (or equivalent)
  • 8GB RAM 
  • 256GB flash storage hard drive (SSD)
  • 20 GB of available storage space after all applications are installed
  • Audio-video accessories: built in camera or webcam; headset or headphones with built in microphone
  • Printing accessories: a small desktop printer, with a USB cable


Of course, a faster computer or more memory will provide even better performance. Acadia Technology Services provides warranty service for Dell and Apple laptops. Models that meet the minimum specifications can be ordered online through Acadia’s Tech Store. Tech Store purchases receive on-campus warranty repair, and the option to have your computer delivered to campus.

Please note that Apple users may be required to purchase the Windows Operating system depending on their program.  Newer Apple Macbook Airs do not have this option.  If you are in Engineering or Nutrition, please verify with the department or Technology Services that your purchase is compatible.

More information can be found on the Acadia Tech Store.

Headsets, earbuds, and microphones improve the online classroom session for everyone by reducing background noise and feedback.

Internet Connection

The audio and video quality of an online class depends on several factors. A high quality video connection will require 1.5 Mbps/second. When more bandwidth is available, quality and usage will increase to deliver the best experience.

Learn more about our tech tips for the best experience in programs like Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Office is available, for free, to all Acadia students. For more information, please see O365 tab in the TS Tech Store or the HUB Service Portal.


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