Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Device Security

2020 saw a major disruption in the way many we work, learn, and socialize. Our homes are more connected than ever. With more people now working from home, our worlds are colliding at an unfathomable rate, introducing a whole new set of potential vulnerabilities.

Consider the following:

  • 90% of IT professionals believe remote workers are not secure and 70% think remote staff pose a greater risk than onsite employees. (OpenVPN)
  • 229 days is the average number of days that bad actors/hackers reside on an organization’s network before detection.  (Deloitte)

With these statistics in mind, Week 1 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month focuses on steps that you can take to protect internet-connected devices that you use at work and at home. Your Week 1 Challenges are:

  • Clean your Machine.
    • Ensure that your anti-virus is up to date and you’ve updated your operating system.  
    • Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender, so you already have anti-virus software installed. You can use the “Windows Security” app to be sure there are no problems.
    • Look for an always-on, full-featured anti-virus from a reputable vendor that scans continuously for malware. Many free anti-virus tools that you can download free from the Internet are run-on-demand, and only scan and protect your computer when you run it manually.
  • Keep Tabs on your Apps.
    • Most connected appliances, toys and devices are supported by a mobile application. Your mobile device could be filled with suspicious apps running in the background, or using default permissions you never realized you approved – gathering your personal information without your knowledge – and putting your identity and privacy at risk. Check your app permissions and delete what you don’t need or no longer use.
  • Update your Devices.
    • Make sure your wireless router, computer, mobile devices, programs and apps are running the latest version of its software.
    • Enable automatic updating where possible. This rule applies to almost any technology connected to a network, including your work devices and your smart TVs, baby monitors, security cameras, home routers, and gaming consoles.
    • Protect all your devices with a unique, long and strong password.  
  • Watch to Win.
    • Follow TS on Twitter and Facebook for Cybersecurity posts and a Cybersecurity video.  Our Friday post will contain a link to participate for prizes. Technology Services would like to thank our prize sponsors (Dell, Cisco & Fortinet).
      There are a variety of prizes, such as Yeti Mugs, Smart Key Locators and Backpacks. The grand prize is an Echo Dot. Participate and your name is automatically entered into the draws. If you play each week, the more chances you have to win. Participation is open to all students and employees.

All Acadia employees are automatically enrolled in Cybersecurity Awareness training through KnowBe4. Login and complete your training (

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