Security Advisory: Phishing Email

Wednesday May 6, 2020

A Phishing email has been circulating throughout Acadia. It appears to be a reply to an Acadia-FYI or an Acadia email, but from an external sender (, and contains a malicious attachment. It appears as:

“Good morning,
Please familiarize yourself with the attached file. Reply here if you have any questions.
Thank you”


  1. Delete the email.
  2. If you received the email and clicked on the attachment, please contact the Service Desk immediately using the Report a Cybersecurity or Privacy Event HUB Request:  You will be asked to leave a call back number.
  3. Steps you can take to protect yourself:
  • Practice Safe Password Hygiene:
    • Use strong passwords
    • Use the mantra - Unique Account; Unique Password
    • Use a password manager. See the following HUB article for information on the best Password Manager for you:
    • Use separate emails and accounts for your home and work life.
    • Keep a clean up-to-date device.
  • Use the Phish Alert Button (or forward to to report phishing emails.
  • Take the 2020 Cybersecurity Awareness training available to you at


All maintenance and Service Advisories are posted in several locations:  Twitter or Facebook or the TS website.

All proposed changes are reviewed by a Change Advisory Board and, where possible, scheduled between 5-7:30 am (Atlantic Time). Once approved, they are placed on a  Maintenance Calendar.  

Using the HUB continues to be the best way to receive support and answers to your questions. Thank you for your patience as our support protocols shift.  

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