Service Notice: Device Inventory

Technology Services is conducting an inventory of Acadia-owned physical computer equipment. This information supports autumn preparation work, repair tracking and refresh planning.

Starting this week, TS representatives will be going into campus offices to record the following information: the current user, the physical location and the bar code (ie. desktop printer: JDoe, BAC144A, xxxx1234).  There will be no disruption to your work station.

Access is being coordinated with Safety and Security.  

As a reminder: any equipment, other than laptops, brought home during COVID-19, require an entry in the Loan Request Form.  There is no need to record information a second time; it will be merged with the device inventory.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk via the HUB (General Request).

All maintenance and Service Advisories are posted in several locations:  Twitter or Facebook or the TS website.

All proposed changes are reviewed by a Change Advisory Board and, where possible, scheduled between 5-7:30 am (Atlantic Time). Once approved, they are placed on a  Maintenance Calendar.  

Using the HUB continues to be the best way to receive support and answers to your questions. Thank you for your patience as our support protocols shift.  

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