Service Notice: Teams Calling and Voice Mail

Calls are at the core of what you can do in Teams. With many calling options and useful features at your disposal, you can communicate with people or groups in familiar ways.

1. The many ways to make a call in Teams

Wherever you are in Teams, you can start a call with someone (or a group of people) by selecting either Video call or Audio call . Any call can be a video call or an audio-only call. It's always up to you.  To make a call, you can:

  • Turn a chat into a call
  • Use the command box
  • Hover over someone's profile picture
  • Access your speed dial and contacts

2. Activities while on a call in Teams

During a call, you can take many actions. These are a few common actions you might take:

  • Place a call on hold
  • Transfer a call
  • Consult then transfer
  • Add a delegate
  • Share a line with a delegate

3. See your call history

Go to your call history to review your list of past calls (including missed calls) and easily call those people back.  

4. Access your voicemail

Your voicemail is another familiar tool for getting the most out of your calling experience in Teams. You can:

  • Review messages and transcripts from calls
  • Customize call rules
  • Record a greeting
  • Call anyone who's left you a message

For detailed information, please see the following HUB article: or for a video overview:

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