Service Notice: Teams Meeting Recording Storage Change

Microsoft has introduced some recent changes to Teams Meeting Recordings: storage location, permissions, and retention periods.

Some benefits of using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online for storing Teams meeting recordings include:

  • Increased storage space
  • Easy to set permissions and sharing
  • Share recordings with guests (external users), with explicit share only
  • More intelligent transcription
  • Meeting recordings are available faster
  • Ability to set and change retention periods

What does this mean for you?

For Teams meeting recordings stored in OneDrive:

  • Meetings created in your calendar or chat without reference to a specific Teams channel.
  • People invited to the meeting can view the video recording by clicking on the chat history of the meeting in Teams.
  • Recording owners can access the recording in their OneDrive > Recordings folder.
  • Person(s) who clicks record / schedules the meeting (editor) can edit the video recording and give access to external invites.
  • External invites have no access to the recording. They can make a request to the editor(s) who can then share the recording on OneDrive / SharePoint like any other file.

For Teams meeting recordings stored in SharePoint:

  • Meetings created in your calendar or chat with reference and invitations to a specific Teams channel.
  • Teams members invited can view the recording by clicking on the chat history of the meeting in Teams.
  • Teams members can also access the recording in the Recordings > View Only folder on the Teams Channel under the Files tab or in SharePoint documents.
  • The member who clicked on Start recording has edit rights to the recording
  • Other members’ permissions are able to view but not download or share.

Previous Teams Recordings:

  • There is no change to Teams Meeting Recordings created before 2021 May 31. They are still accessible on MS Stream.

Retention Periods:

  • Effective 2021 Sept 1, Teams meetings recordings will be stored for 250 days at which time they will be automatically moved to the recycle bin.
  • The owner can change the expiration date of individual files.
  • This will not impact any existing meeting recordings created before September 1.
  • More information on this feature will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

For more information on how this change impacts your Teams Meeting Recordings, please review the Teams Meeting Recordings(TMR) HUB Article.

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