Service Notice: Work Securely from Home

Working from home increases our cybersecurity risk. We have seen a massive increase of realistic looking attacks on campus. Simply, bad actors are taking advantage of the pandemic.

Recognizing phishing scams is an essential, but not the only, component.  Increased diligence is required on all our parts in order to protect ourselves, our families and the organization.


1. Think Before You Click

  • Exercise caution when clicking on links or opening attachments.  Keep in mind:
    • Quarantined emails are there for a reason. Emails that spoof a domain, including will be placed in Quarantine.
    • Email not from our Office 365 tenant will have the yellow Caution banner.
    • A genuine Acadia Office 365 login page (asking for user name and password) will have a web address that starts with

2. Take the Awareness Training

  • The 2020 Annual Awareness training is available to all employees via KnowBe4.caom.
  • Review the HUB article (



  • Training Campaign Emails. You will receive regular reminder emails until you have completed all the items in the annual Security Awareness Training Campaign.  
  • Simulated Phishing. On a regular basis, Technology Services will conducted simulated phishing exercises. This will provide a gauge of further training and activities.


All maintenance and Service Advisories are posted in several locations:  Twitter or Facebook or the TS website.
All proposed changes are reviewed by a Change Advisory Board and, where possible, scheduled between 5-7:30 am (Atlantic Time). Once approved, they are placed on a  Maintenance Calendar.  
Using the HUB continues to be the best way to receive support and answers to your questions. Thank you for your patience as our support protocols shift.  

Acadia Technology Services

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