Infrastructure & Media Systems

The Infrastructure & Media Systems team is focused on providing the core IT infrastructure needed to support technology at Acadia.  Our campus network consists of over 10,000 wired drops and an ever-expanding wireless network.  The datacentre supports numerous servers running a mixture of operating systems to handle services such as file and printer sharing, email, web hosting and database access. Telephony Services operate a full-tier telephone service across the campus and a limited mobility service for the administration.  Keeping classroom technology current and reliable allows our faculty to teach without the distraction.

Gary Meister, Manager Networks and Media Systems

Location:  UNH 155
Contact:  902-585-1740

My role in Technology Services  is to lead a team of professionals that focus on providing the campus with voice and data connectivity.  We support a very large wired data network as well as an ever-expanding wireless network.  The team also provides the campus with a full-tier telephone service.  
Our job is to keep information flowing.

Joe Burgess, Systems Administrator

Location:  UNH 165
Contact:  902-585-1439

I support a variety of Windows-based servers, networking and user administration, as well as various day-to-day operations.



Darryl Carnell, Systems Administrator

Location:  UNH 166
Contact:  902-585-1704

My role in Technology Services is to provide system administration on various Linux/Solaris servers, including mail, research, network and web servers. In addition, I provide hardware level support for our servers and datacentre peripheral products, as well as general datacentre power distribution , air-conditioning and UPS support.

Tammy George, Senior Systems Administrator

Location:  UNH 162
Contact:  902-585-1158


Dan Parr, Network/Security Analyst

Location: UNH 167
Contact: 902-585-1697

My main focus is to provide a fast, reliable, secure network for everyone to use. This entails working with wired and wireless networking equipment with great attention being paid to security.

Toby Parsons, Coordinator Educational Technology

Location:  BAC 104
Contact:  902-585-1699

If you have any questions regarding AV or need support using classroom technology, just contact me. Projects and day to day problems? Let my know and I will help.

Tia Pinch, Service & Billing Specialist

Location:  UNH 152
Contact:  902-585-1245

I am responsible for answering and forwarding phone calls that come to the main switchboard.  I am also responsible for administration mobility units, student telephone bill and voicemails.

Donald Teed, Senior Systems Administrator

Location:  UNH 163
Contact:  902-585-1713

System Administration of Linux and Solaris based servers.  Includes math cluster, incoming and outgoing email, webmail interface, student email, Computer Science servers, Network related servers, research servers and several of the Acadia University web servers.