About Technology Services

The Technology Services team provides a wide range of services in support of Acadia’s mission. In many ways technology is visible and in many more ways it is not. Supporting students, faculty and staff is our primary concern.

The front-facing hub of Technology Services is the Service Desk in BAC. From there we provide both Virtual and Physical support for all technology requests. The level of support offered is intentionally high and we make every effort to help with all aspects of technology through this service portal. We accept and resolve requests regarding classroom presentation systems, laptops and desktop PCs, hardware and software, ACORN/Moodle, Acadia Central, email, Internet access, network use, telephone system use, mobile technology, and administrative systems.

Much of the technology in daily use on campus is dependent on other technologies that are not obvious. Behind the scenes, the team is busy building systems and maintaining services which, although less visible, are still critically important to keeping the entire inter-dependent system working. The Acadia data network contains hundreds of devices which keep Internet access working in every residence room and office and in every classroom and presentation space on campus. The phone system has over 2500 phones connected, manages thousands of phone calls each day, and provides crucial emergency services even during power outages. Behind the network is a sophisticated data centre housing the server computers that provide email, file sharing, web pages, ACORN, and many other supporting and administrative services. There is a large number of software systems used by all members of the university community; software for teaching and learning; software for email and websites; software for recruitment, admissions and registration; software for finance, human resources, and alumni relations; software for safety and security, for athletics and events, and for meal plans and door access. And finally there are hundreds of web resources on AcadiaU.ca and Acadia Central that are under continuous development and improvement.

We invite you to click the links below to meet the team and read about us and the work we do. Technology Services is here to help with problems, big and small, or just drop in to use the printer and say hi.



Gary Doucette
Executive Director

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