Technology Consulting

The Technology Consulting team is responsible for providing support and services to maintain Acadia University's Mission.

The Consulting team is responsible for analysis, implementation, and support of website infrastructure on campus, supporting research by provide programming, web design, and project management expertise.

(L-R) Grant Lohnes, Nathan Patstone, Greg Deveau, Ryan Muis, Ross Chapman


Greg Deveau, Manager
Greg Deveau

Location:  BAC 107
Contact:  902-585-1533

My role in Technology Services is to provide support to faculty and staff on a variety of academic and administrative initiatives. I manage a team of professionals responsible for supporting Acadia web presences, faculty research to name a few key areas.

We look forward to supporting you!

Ross Chapman, IT Specialist
Ross Chapman

Location:  BAC 144A
Contact:  902-585-1746

As the principle web programmer on the Technology Consultants team, I am responsible for web-based projects such as Theatre Manager, Events Management and the Acadia University website. I help create new web applications as well as customize our current ones to better serve our clients.



Grant Lohnes, Content & Media Specialist
Grant Lohnes

Location:  BAC 108
Contact:  902-585-1622

I contribute to written and multimedia content, design, and research for Acadia University web projects, and help support website trustees to maintain and improve their content. I also coordinate marketing for Open Acadia’s programs and events.



Ryan Muis, Application & Web Developer
Ryan Muis

Location:  BAC 144A
Contact:  902-585-1234

Often referred to as the “support guy” I offer web training and provide one of solutions to everything web related. With a hand in just about all aspects of technology services I’ve been known to do everything from fixing printers to building custom web templates.


Nathan Patstone, Application & Web Developer
Nathan Patstone

Location:  BAC 144A
Contact:  902-585-1694

I’m part of a group within the Technology Consulting team that looks after web based projects that range from Academic endeavors to the Acadia University website. My areas of expertise lie in graphic design, front-end development, and anything else that you visually see when you’re on the Internet.